Clementina Mingozzi


The legend: “Clementina Mingozzi was born with a pair of scissors in her hand. After having quickly cut her umbilical cord, she started to snip away at everything she could find….”

The reality?: “The illustrator and visual artist Clessindra Ming – alias Clementina Mingozzi – was born in 1959 in the mountains of Piedmont. Down in the plains of Bologna, between attending the Art Academy and DAMS, she met her future husband with whom she shares her love of life and art. In Bologna she enjoys her work in good company (three children). Her preferred technique is creating images with scissors, a technique with which she constantly experiments and puts to varied uses: illustration, design, montage, sculpture and the creation of art books”.

Read (and look!) on…

My work has been shown in individual and collective exhibitions, with the first individual exhibit in 1984 (how exciting!) at the bookshop “Libreria Giannino Stoppani” in Bologna. In 1985 I took part in the exhibit “Doctor Pencil and Mr China – Old Stories, New Illustrators” at the Modern Art Gallery of Bologna to consecrate the mythical Bologna school of comic strips. Further exhibits were at the 1993 edition of the International Artisan Exhibition at the Fortezza da Basso in Firenze and entitled “Wine and Matter” and, in 1995, the exhibit “Moulded Earth” as part of Macerata Book Week (Libriamoci). Finally, there was Black Wolf, Red Riding-Hood, a travelling exhibit in April at the Antico Monastero of Santa Chiara in the Republic of San Marino. In October 2004, the exhibit will be housed at the prestigious Sala Borsa of the Bologna City Hall.

In 1993, as part of the exhibit “Viaggio a Rossini” (Voyage to Rossini) at the Civic Archaeological Museum of Bologna, I held illustration workshops aimed at both adults and children. This experience, which for me was both fundamental and inspiring, grew over the years and developed into collaboration with the Centro Paper Factory of Milan, the Eptagon Bonaventura Association of Bologna, and the Daniela Rossi Project “Poems and Other Playthings” for the Bolzano Festival of Poetry.

I illustrated for the review Portici published by the Province of Bologna from 1997 to 2001, and worked with the daily broadsheet “Il Domani di Bologna” (an insert of “La Stampa”), the review of short stories “Lettera ’96” and the literary review “Smerilliana”.

I have produced silhouettes for the art review “Rare Zanzare”, “Rhymes of Krakow”, “Music of the Rooms” for the Poet Alessandra Berardi and illustrated, with both colour and back and white plates, the book “Acchiappanumeri e Perdigiorno” (Numbercatcher and DayWaster) by Nietta Caridei, published by Edizioni d’if, 2002.

I have also worked with the communications agency Arketipa.

My research, which is always concentrated on the theme of shadow and light, has lead to the creation of “projectable miniatures”.

Finally, one of my great interests is the art book and I can say, with pride, that even Bruno Munari liked my 5 and 1/2! In 1987 I met the great man who, with great grace, dedicated precious 30 minutes of his 80 years: looking through my portfolio while offering comments and suggestions.