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Let’s cut out a story, Longon School, Bolzano, a workshop by Clementina Mingozzi (of the group Poetry and other Playthings by Daniela Rossi)

Ritagliamoci una storia
Ritagliamoci la luce
A caccia d’ombra
Riflessi d’ombra
Cappuccetto Rosso
In volo con la luce
Here’s the genius in a sprout!

Here’s the genius in a sprout!

An exchange of points of view … and not only that, with cut-outs.
Workshop for the Rakuwakai Care System Medical Festival in Kyoto, Japan, 2004
in collaboration with psychologist Makoto Tsunoda

by and with
Clementina Mingozzi

For everyone from 8 years old on up

When we have a sheet of black paper in one hand and a pair of scissors in the other, whatever our cut-out ands up being will end up becoming, without using a pencil beforehand, will be a completely spontaneous silhouette that vibrates with surprising intensity.
That is why a simple, natural element – a sprout – can inspire us to begin cutting. Whether we end up choosing to copy its shape exactly, or whether we choose to use our imagination, we’ll be surprised by how it expresses our own way of looking at life.
The language of scissors does not allow for indecision or for going only half way … and sometimes that is exactly what we need!

Overhead projector if available
The teacher will provide all necessary materials

To be agreed upon

Important Note: it is advisable to not go over 20 participants, unless they are all students from the same class.