Laboratori per bambini
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Let’s cut out a story, Longon School, Bolzano, a workshop by Clementina Mingozzi (of the group Poetry and other Playthings by Daniela Rossi)

Ritagliamoci una storia
Ritagliamoci la luce
A caccia d’ombra
Riflessi d’ombra
Cappuccetto Rosso
In volo con la luce
Here’s the genius in a sprout!


Mutabor … et labora!

Mutabor! This is the magic word that allows us to change form: it’s the word used also by the swan Caliph in William Hauf’s fable, when he wants to change into any type of animal and understand its language; and this is a bit like what happens in my laboratories …

By using scissors to cut out paper, we can become more aware of our sensitivity and aesthetic originality: the technique, along with the way we choose to express ourselves creatively, free our emotions in an easy and quite surprising way.

My laboratories present various themes to be worked on. A traditional fable is presented in Little Red Riding Hood and the Wolf’s shadow, while in Singing shadows, children’s stories and emotions are expressed through sculptures and totems. In Bubbles! … words from a fish’s mouth we learn how to tell stories without using words.

I also organize laboratories to respond to specific thematic requests, for specific cultural events or together with other specialists (“Here’s the genius in a sprout!”).

The laboratories have different levels according to participants’ age (from eight to eighty years old) and preparation and the amount of time available. Some workshops are well adapted for teachers training courses.

Laboratory length, modality and materials needed depend on each laboratory organized.
Once the laboratory is over, I am willing to keep in touch with teachers for consultations via the internet.