Artist’s Book Package Design Miniatures

MontalcinoMontalcino – Good Government, Wine and Matter – 57th International Artisan Market, Florence – Fortezza da Basso, 1993

Tatsunori KanoPresentation package for serigraphies of the Japanese artist Tastunori Kano, 2003


I like the idea that a design project stimulates a sense of play in the creator.

That’s the way it was with the sculpture-package “Il buon governo” developed for the wines of Montalcino: once the package is opened, we “find ourselves” in a square surrounded by porticoes. Paper maidens holding hands are dancing. The protective wrapping around the bottles are also strips that can be removed one at a time recalling ancient impressions and rhythms until the package has been completely unwrapped. Colours, squares and streets, together with the maidens of Ambroggio Lorenzetti, summon up the nature and history of Brunello’s native environment as well as the Red Wine and Moscatello of Montalcino.

The box-portfolio for the serigraphs of the artist Tatsunori Kano bring origami to mind: playful but functional, devoid of superfluous components, and also tribute to the Japanese origin of the painter.