Artist’s Book Package Design Miniatures

Libro d’artista
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The book itself is a fascinating object, full of mystery: even though it’s not a box, you can open it up. You can even page through it. Harmonious proportions are found both inside and out and fill its pages, its cover, the volume itself; they amply express the intentions of the publisher and the director of the series. The text flows and meanders through the pages. The illustrations become gurgling streams or placid lakes where the reader’s thoughts can swim freely.

An artist’s book follows a different set of rules that are so personal and unpredictable that sometimes it is impossible to reproduce them in a second copy. An identical copy doesn’t exist, there can only be a numbered version. The artist’s book reflects a love for books in general in every part of it and in its general whole. The author’s language and individual means of expression are revealed in the minute details and the book itself is often made by hand or through craftsman’s techniques.

5 and 1/2

5 and a 1/2 was first created many years ago, in 1985, as a game of modular letters and words for children and adults. I created and copyrighted its magnetic binding, that at the time was a completely new technique. Bruno Munari and Maurizio Osti, an artist who was also my graphics professor at the academy, liked it. The right time to play with words or to make anagrams with your name, after having spent the day running around and then finally sitting down to sip a cup of tea, is exactly five thirty. At this time of day, the late afternoon light falls sideways across the book, shining on it with its mystery, while it creates long shadows in the form of letters.

This book-object can be positioned in many different ways. I make them on order.