Artist’s Book Package Design Miniatures

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Alessandra Berardi, Satiliriche, 1988


The world of paper cut-outs is one of infinitely small dimensions, but which is rich in surprises. It is no longer the familiar world of the image confined within the boundaries of the pen-stroke but one where the material takes on life according to how the paper is cut or torn.

These details of my miniature cut-outs are highlighted with the help of glass illuminated by a projector. The light brings out the finest features – perhaps the outline of a hair or a rough and unpremeditated cut.

A larger and virtual dimension, that offered by the projector, is added to the small original which evidences the details which are lost at first glance.

By installing a group of miniatures, it is possible to create a real fantasy world.

I have created miniatures as exhibit pieces, illustrations, and as sets in theatrical events.

A Tale in Red and Black
a projection of miniatures for mounting installations or theatrical performances

“A tale in Red and Black” is a show using images and a narrator which is currently being developed. It involves a sequence of projected miniatures around the theme of Little Red Riding-Hood and the narration of a constant dialogue with audience participation.