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Black Wolf, Red Riding-hood (travelling exhibition)

“The wolf cried from within, softening his voice a little: - Pull the bolt and the door will open: Little Red Riding-Hood pulled the bolt and the door opened.”
(Charles Perrault from the translation by Carlo Collodi from the catalogue “Once upon a time there was a little girl, the true and harrowing tale of Little Red Riding-Hood” by Tiziana Roversi, 2003).

It was Perrault who first recorded the story of Little Red Riding-Hood based on an oral tradition. He wrote it down and enriched it with a brightly coloured riding-hood for the little Princess of Orléans.
v Unlike the version of the Grimm brothers, the story did not have a happy ending but concluded with an explicit moral which continues to have relevance today and which surprises the reader with its authentic harshness.
My eight original illustrations for the classic fable “Little Red Riding Hood” are made with black silhouettes and colored paper. They are part of the itinerant exhibition called “Nero Lupo, Rosso Cappuccetto” [Black Wolf, Red Riding Hood], created by the Eptagon Bonaventura association in Bologna.
The exhibition’s first stop was in the Ancient Santa Chiara Monastery in the Republic of San Marino, in the spring of 2004. It then went on to the prestigious Sala Borsa in the City of Bologna, to the small town of Molfetta and on to Brescia’s Pinac di Rezzato children’s museum. It is now at the Visconteo Castle in Pavia.