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Robinson Crusoe, Doctor Pencil & Mister China, Modern Art Gallery, Bologna 1985

“September 30, 1659. I poor miserable Robinson Crusoe, being shipwreck’d, during a dreadful Storm, in the offing, came on Shore on this dismal unfortunate Island, which I call’d “the Island of Despair …” (Daniel Defoe “Robinson Crusoe” Oxford University Press.)

Entering into the world of illustration with Robinson Crusoe was necessarily a voyage of initiation. It happened in 1985 with Doctor Pencil & Mr China, old stories and new illustrators at the Gallery of Modern Art, Bologna.
“…yet I could not keep the Country out of my Head, and had a great Mind to be upon the Wing again, especially I could not resist the strong Inclination I had to see my Island….” now I come back to the same theme: here is the Diary of Robinson, an art book with coloured sillhouettes which is currently being developed.